Sunday, May 31, 2009

Karen's New Pet.

Here are two photos, one of Oscar in a bottle. He was cremated when we put him down and we have the ashes in a bottle in a box in the living room. I never thought we would get another cat after we were so attached to Oscar and had to put him down. But time heals and Karen's kids thought she needed another cat. So....on Friday Karen drove to the Salt Lake airport to pick up Konie from Konecticut. David found the stray at his work shop and thought it would make a good pet for Karen. He put it on the airplane in Connecticut and twelve hours later Karen picked up up at the airport. The cat did quite well having been on the airplane for 12 hours. The cat is now getting acquainted with it's new home. It is mostly brown and black with a little bit of white. It's also quite frisky compared to Oscar. It's also about one-third the size of Oscar only about eight pounds. Anyway we have made the 10 to 15 year commitment to have another pet in the house. Wish us well.

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